On the Issues

Economic Liberty

All members of society should have abundant opportunities to achieve economic success. A free and competitive market allocates resources in the most efficient manner. Each person has the right to offer goods and services to others on the free market.  Read more

Non Interventionist Foreign Policy

We have close to 900 bases located around the world. We have been kept in a constant state of responding to conflicts that don’t involve U.S. interests, or as some have alleged, been wars for profit. We have seen two major wars in the last decade, and escalations continue because of the foreign policy of interventionism.Read more


Second Amendment

The only legitimate use of force is in defense of individual rights—life, liberty, and justly acquired property—against aggression. This right inheres in the individual, who may agree to be aided by any other individual or group. As your Senator I would affirm the individual right recognized by the Second Amendment to keep and bear arms, and oppose the prosecution of individuals for exercising their rights of self-defense.Read more


Ending the War on Drugs

Ending the war on drugs is extremely important, not only for medical reasons with whole plant reform, but also treating people that have addictions as a medical issue instead of a criminal one. Nearly 1/3 of all people in jails and prisons are non violent drug offenders, who only made a choice for their own bodies, and more than half of that is marijuana. Read more


Criminal Justice Reform

The prescribed role of government is to protect the rights of every individual including the right to life, liberty and property. Criminal laws should be limited in their application to violations of the rights of others through force or fraud, or to deliberate actions that place others involuntarily at significant risk of harm.Read more


Privacy and Security

It is my intent to repeal the USA Patriot Act and any legislation similar to it, in order to preserve our civil liberties and protect the privacy of U.S. citizens. I will be sponsoring legislation to remove this law from our books. Far too often legislation is passed hurriedly, without worrying about the possible implications. This is one of those incidents.Read more