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Campaign Update 5/2/2017

May 2, 2017

We are continuing to grow our momentum in setting the groundwork for 2018. More positions have been filled by wonderful volunteers in our state. The most recent addition to our team is Tayson O’Hara who will be the coordinator at the BYU campus. He will also be assisting with efforts in Utah County. We are… Read More ›

Campaign Update April 21, 2017

We are continuing to roll with our momentum on getting organized and ready for the height of the campaign season. We fully understand that to be effective, our ground game needs to be ready to roll before the Libertarian Party of Utah State Convention in 2018. We would like to welcome Allyson Brinkerhoff to Team… Read More ›

Campaign Update April 15, 2017

It has been a productive week for the campaign these last several days. There have been many organizational moves, orders have started being placed, and positions have been filled. Today we held our first strategy meeting, going over goals and prior statistics in elections for Utah. We have set a solid road map to the… Read More ›

Weber County Libertarian Convention

I am beyond honored to have been elected to serve as Chairman for the Libertarian Party of Weber County. It was also inspiring to sit down with the dedicated members of the county party to bring to life a platform that truly advocates for liberty of all men and women. I will do my best… Read More ›

Announcement for 2018

It is with great humility I come before you and announce that I will be seeking the Libertarian nomination for the office of United States Senate in 2018. After many long discussions with trusted friends and members of my family, we have determined that this is the office that needs a Libertarian voice to run next year. I am honored to have been considered so highly by the people around me who suggested I run for this office.