About Craig


Craig Bowden is a small business owner and has been an outspoken voice in support of liberty for over twenty years. He attended Weber State University, where he studied Criminal Justice, and Southern New Hampshire University, where he studied Political Science.

Craig is a Marine Corps, infantry veteran. He served nearly eight years, both on active duty and as a Reservist, doing his weekend drills at Camp Williams in Utah. During his time as a Marine, he trained over 2,000 fellow Marines and officers from multi-national forces in allied nations. He has been deployed to Iraq, Kuwait, and Morocco.

In the political world, Craig Bowden has been Chairman of Weber County’s Libertarian Party since 2015, was elected as a Policy Council Member that governed the Head Start Program for Weber County, where he served from 2015-2016, and has been a National Delegate to the Libertarian Party in 2016 & 2018. Craig also served as a member of the Libertarian National Committee.

He is the author of three books, is a father to six children, and a dedicated husband to his wife Elizabeth. He currently resides in North Ogden, Utah.