I cannot, in good conscience, support CIA nominee


President Donald Trump has nominated Gina Haspel to head up the Central Intelligence Agency, and she has been undergoing her confirmation hearings over the last several days. After reviewing the briefs, and following this story, if I were elected to the Senate, I could not vote to confirm this nomination.

During her testimony, she refused to condemn the use of torture while interrogating captured individuals. While she did send a follow on letter that stated it was ill-advised and in hindsight it was a bad program, the stance should always be that torture is wrong.

Further, evidence shows that while she was stationed in Thailand, she actively participated, or at least ordered such torture for a detainee suspected of involvement with the bombing of the USS Cole. Evidence is also present that she ordered the destruction of tapes that showed the interrogation techniques used once Congressional heat was focused on the matter.

For these reasons, there is no reason for her to head up the Agency. The United States should be an example to the world and be beyond reproach in what it does. We need people with the correct foresight when faced with extreme circumstances, not hindsight after the fact, and only after evidence was destroyed.

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