Craig Bowden’s Response to Mitt Romney Entering Race

Text of response:

My friends and fellow Utahans,

By now, I am sure you have heard the news that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has declared his intention to seek the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate in our state. After almost a year of the media basically holding a yearlong coronation ceremony, the 70-year-old, Massachusetts Mitt is going to come in and try pulling what Hillary Clinton did in New York.

As Mitt Romney comes into the race, we must ask ourselves, which version of himself he will bring?

Will he be the Massachusetts Governor who brought us the prelude to Obamacare, or the Presidential candidate who said the mandate was bad? Maybe, we will see the anti-Trump Mitt who lambasted the President when he was running. Or perhaps it will be the Romney who, after Trump’s election, went and asked for a job. One thing we know, is that with him we may as well be at the beach with the way he flip flops.

What I suspect is that he will be his milquetoast self, paying nothing more than lip service to our values.

Many years ago, it was individuals like him that caused me to find myself politically homeless. I eventually became a Libertarian after the Republican Party left me by nominating individuals like Mr. Romney, John McCain, and Orrin Hatch. As I have traveled the state to listen to many of you, I have heard many of these same complaints and concerns.

I find it almost ironic that one of the people who caused me to seek other options is the person our campaign now faces. Now we will be that alternative option for voters tired of establishment politics. I actually owe Mitt a compliment, it was him and the lineup of copycat republicans who drove me to look for a better party. And I found it in the Libertarian Party.

Friends, we have shared thousands of conversations together, and you have said that someone other than Mitt needs to be the one sent to Washington to represent Utah and our values. You have told me that you want someone in D.C. who will stand up for what is right regardless of which party is in power or who controls the White House.

Many people have asked how we will be able to run against the Romney machine? The answer is simple: we are going to go to every living room, school, farmer’s market, and event with our message all the way through November. We will fight every day for every Utahan to break the barriers keeping them from succeeding. We will advocate fearlessly to build the future for our youth to enjoy the same levels of the American dream that our parents and grandparents once had.

We are offering a clear vision of the future, and this foundation for the future is built on principles. We are not going to pander to win votes. The Craig Bowden you see today is the same one you will see in the Senate. Right now, Mitt Romney is going to be pandering to the more conservative base to win nomination, by the time the General election comes around, he will be right back into that squishy middle, where spines are not required, and you can bend to political expediency. We know this because he has done it before. In 1994 when he ran for the Senate, in 2002 when he ran for Governor of Massachusetts, and in 2012 when he ran for President.

The fact is, that while he may have updated his social media in January to reflect he now lives in Utah, conveniently in time to run for office. We know he lacks an ideological core. We know he doesn’t represent Utah values, and while he may be LDS, that is not enough to qualify for office, and he isn’t the only member in this race.

We will stand together, speaking truth to power. From the beginning of this election, through the debates, and into November. I ask all Utahns to stand with me and forget Mitt. Let’s stand together to break barriers and build the future.



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