Responding to 55% in reader survey


Craig Bowden issued the following statement in regard to the survey and allegations of skewing the results:

“Last night, I learned that our campaign for the United States Senate had polled at 55% in a recent survey conducted by Utah Policy, a local source of political news. While this survey was not scientific, it does reflect the sentiment my staff, volunteers, and I have seen as we have traveled the state.”

“We have met with thousands of Utah voters in the course of 44 events over the last couple months. In living rooms, restaurants, and local meet ups, the common theme has been a desire for liberty and a frustration with President Trump’s failure to drain the swamp. Now there is a growing concern about Mitt Romney (R?) waltzing into Orin hatch’s seat.”

“Thanks to the efforts of previous libertarian campaigns and the willingness to support a candidate outside the old two-party system, we’ve seen exponential growth and success, not only in my race, but across the country.”

“This has also reflected in our campaign fundraising, as we have nearly raised $20,000, almost unheard of in a third-party effort for federal office outside of the Presidency. No one can deny the waves we have been making, or the sentiment expressed by thousands of residents in this state.”

“The allegations made by Utah Policy that our campaign somehow had a concerted effort to skew the vote, while excluding all the other candidates from such insinuations, is slightly absurd, as if we would be the only campaign who had the ability to share, privately mind you, the existence of the poll with people we know. -and are Libertarians honestly the only ones who have engaged the voters with such veracity?”

“It is true that our campaign shared the poll’s existence, and it looks like around two dozen individuals responded in some way. However, we cannot verify how those who viewed voted, or if they voted at all. To make it seem as if we are the only ones who suddenly discovered the existence of social media and made limited, private contact is telling toward how some “political insiders” feel toward third-party candidates. Frankly, get out the vote efforts are standard operating procedure in politics, and this was nowhere near what we plan to do in getting out the vote this November.”

“If the simple act of sharing this poll among family and friends, that we were included as an option, tilted the results so strongly, perhaps the former Governor does not have the clout “political insiders,” the same ones who believed Senator Hatch was going to run again, believe he has.”

“I personally want to thank the readers who voted for me in the survey for their stand for free agency and expanded Liberty. I encourage them to join with us and make a difference that will shake up the world as we break these barriers and build the future together.”

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