Campaign Update 1/7/2018


This week has been one of those that will make the record books for our campaign efforts.

We finished our reports for fourth quarter in 2017, and we can confidently say that we have raised over $18,000! This is absolutely huge for a third party campaign. It shows that there is a lot of support for what we are doing, that people believe in the message we are bringing.

Another huge piece of news is that Senator Orrin Hatch will not be seeking reelection in 2018. This leaves us in an effort where no incumbent advantage exists. With Democrats still needing to have their primary to decide who will be the nominee, and Republicans scrambling to find a viable candidate, it puts us in a unique position to be the only campaign ready to go for the General election. While we still must defeat “NOTA,” as that is a ballot option in the Libertarian Party, in April, we are the only campaign for the U.S. Senate in Utah’s LP.

Our social media is absolutely exploding with followers, comments, discussions, likes, retweets, etc. Our statistics are showing tens of thousands of impressions. We are reaching people with what they believe to be important. Our messaging is resonating and growing.

We are also working hard on the details for stops throughout Utah on our Utah Tour. We plan to meet as many voters between now and November as possible. We are not just a name on a ballot.

Lastly, we have launched a major direct mail campaign to help raise support for our efforts. We have already had hundreds of letters going out, with thousands more to follow in the coming days.

I am beyond excited for what this team is going to accomplish now that we are in 2018.

See you out there!

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