New Campaign Manager

21685999_1479177868802859_1877829358825836017_nThe campaign to elect Craig Bowden to the United States Senate is happy to announce a change in the leadership of the campaign team. Tayson O’Hara has stepped up to be the new campaign manager in the 2018 election.

“Utahans have a rich heritage of pioneering, embracing liberty, challenging the status quo, and a devotion to keeping true to their integrity. These values are what brought the pioneers to Utah, seeking religious liberty and a chance to exercise their natural right to live peacefully in the manner that their conscious compels them to. Utah was among the first places in the United States, beat only by Wyoming, to give women the vote. This act, done in 1870, would be considered revolutionary at the time, given that a country like Switzerland didn’t fully give women the vote until 1991. This Utahan spirit was made manifest again in the 2016 Republican Primary that we wouldn’t bow to Donald Trump and his new Republican Party. 2018 presents another opportunity for Utahans to make their voice heard and give the United States a much-needed breath of liberty. We have an opportunity to put a real, homegrown, liberty-loving, pioneer into office.”

“Craig Bowden’s Senate campaign is much more than just flexing political muscle. His campaign is synonymous with the Utahan spirit that has defined it since its creation as a territory, and is a symbol of what has made Utah great. He, and his campaign, espouses the values that we so dearly need in Utah and the country. I’m more than proud to be a part of his campaign and be part of a movement that holds these values close to its heart.”

“Like Utahans, I’m not afraid to challenge the status quo. I challenge Orrin Hatch and the politics created by career politicians. I challenge the toxic bipartisanship that has destroyed the political process in our country. I challenge a foreign policy that kills our servicemen and women for causes that have nothing to do with keeping America safe and prosperous. I’m not afraid to say that change is needed, and that liberty is the answer to many of the problems that we face today. 2018 is the time for Utahans to do what Utah does best and show the rest of the country what real liberty and integrity looks like.”

~Tayson O’Hara


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