In Response to Senator Hatch’s Live Access Event


Earlier today, Senator Orrin Hatch held a live event through his Senate website to take questions from voters in Utah. I would like to take the time to address a few concerns I had with some of the things he had said during this conference.

First off, he was asked about his comments defending President Trump’s endorsement of Alabama candidate for U.S. Senate Roy Moore. His comments essentially excused the allegations since the timeframe of the alleged incident happened so long ago. While I do agree that there should always be due process and that we shouldn’t take allegations at face value, especially when in politics, people will make baseless accusations in an attempt to thwart attempts of opposing parties, it is deplorable that Senator Hatch thinks timeframe has anything to do with this.

If Roy Moore in fact had sexual contact with a minor, that is not something that expires over time in regard to honest and integrity the office of the U.S. Senate deserves. There are some issues that cannot simply be excused by time and this would be one of those things.

Now, I am not going to get into whether or not Roy Moore had done what he is accused of, because I believe there is more than enough stain on his career to discredit him from office without this, though now I would like there to be a full and impartial investigation into the allegations, and if I were in Alabama, I would be voting for Ron Bishop, the Libertarian candidate.

Second, Senator Hatch was asked about medical cannabis and he decided to tow the Republican line of “more research” and let the states decide the issue, while maintaining a stance against recreational use. A few things need to be addressed here:

(1) there is already medical research that has been conducted in other countries, including our neighbor to the North, Canada. Evidence exists that there are medical applications for cannabis use among a variety of ailments, including PTSD, epilepsy, pain management, etc. (2) Research is most often done through Universities. Since most universities are, in part, funded by the federal government, they are unable to research in the United States as long as cannabis remains a Schedule I narcotic. They would lose their funding if they began to conduct studies. (3) Kicking the can down the road to the states is a buck passing move, and when action can be taken, such as descheduling cannabis, the buck needs to stop with the federal government and actions need to be taken.

Third, there were several people who brought up the 2018 campaign, and I am starting to grow tired of Senator Hatch taking such a wishy-washy position as to whether he runs again or not. He needs to come out and just let us know he plans to run, period. There were several hints in that direction when responding to these individuals, but the evidence is there showing that he does plan to run beyond his commentary. Namely, his campaign website, which was deactivated until about one week ago, is now live and accepting donations; President Trump has all but endorsed him for 2018, the latest example being when the President came to Utah; and lastly, he has spent $1,489,392.00 toward reelection so far and has raised over $5 million.

Fourth issue of concern for me is him bragging about having been either a sponsor or co-sponsor for over 700 bills passed into law. I take issue with this because many of these bills have increased our national debt, gotten us more entangled in other nations including military conflicts, and has strangled many civil liberties. Bragging about doing so much instead of fighting against encroachment into our lives is sickening. We need to have someone that is willing to stand up and say that we have crossed the line and it isn’t the job of the federal government to do this. That would be something to brag about: defending economic and civil liberty.

Fifth, he brought up how he was a champion, key to bringing the F-35 program to Hill Air Force Base. This program has been a disaster since it was implemented. It has cost the American taxpayer $1.35 trillion for an airframe that is handily outperformed by the current F-16. Further, before the program even had bugs worked out, the government, including Senator Hatch, authorized the production of this aircraft. As testing continued, it was found that there were a host of issues, meaning all the planes that were built had to go back through production again. Instead of waiting for a plane that was ready, they risked the lives of our pilots.

Lastly, I would like to address his placing blame solely on Democrats for our spending problem. Instead of taking responsibility for his part, he blamed the former President and the Democrats for spending levels being what they are, ignoring that debts and deficits have continued under Republicans as well. While he was quick to assign blame to President Obama for $9 trillion in debt during his administration, he negated to mention the massive debts that piled up under President Bush, or any other administration he served under.

Further, while a President may propose a budget, it falls on the House and Senate to pass that budget into law. Even when the House and Senate have not passed a budget, they have issued continuing resolutions for spending. His hands are nowhere clean on the situation we find ourselves in with $20 trillion in debt, stolen off the backs and labor of the American people, many of whom have yet to even be born. This debt has risen during his entire 40 years in the Senate, and he is every bit as culpable as Democrats, Presidents, and anyone else he assigns blame to.

I would encourage everyone to not merely listen to what he says in a controlled environment, but to check the record and facts on the issues. When you do, you will see that he has failed Utah and the American people. The only recourse is to force his retirement by elected someone else to office that will take a stand against a government encroaching into our lives.

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