The National Debt is Out of Control


Friday, the national debt officially surpassed $20 Trillion. As a nation, we have continued on a path of reckless spending. This further burdens each and every tax paying citizen to shoulder more government. It is time to seriously take a look at measures to cut what we spend.

In Utah, there is only one candidate that will work to stop this fiscal insanity. We already know that Senator Orrin Hatch will continue with business as usual, as will whoever the Democrats eventually nominate. I am the only candidate with no sacred cows, that will work daily to find ways to keep this burden from growing.

I am ready to meticulously pour over current spending to cut and also introduce legislation that will create a surplus to begin paying down this debt. While the two major parties are going to ask you to do more, I would be working to make sure the government does less.

This includes introducing legislation that forces departments to justify spending. The “use or lose” measures currently in place will stop should we succeed. This ensures no more $500 toilet seats and $1,000 hammers. Each and every cent needs to be proposed by every department based on actual needs.

Further, I plan to look into introducing legislation that eliminates and consolidates redundant departments. It is also time to seriously look at measures to get rid of departments that are outside the scope of what our Constitution intended.

I cannot stand idly by while we saddle our children with more debt. It is time for our generation to take accountability. I ask that you look at what I propose and ask yourself if you are ready for more of the same or if you want someone that will fight for you to keep more of your hard earned money.

We need volunteers and donations to bring this fight forward. You are the only thing that can stop the elite in Washington, D.C. from enslaving you to their largess. I ask for your support. I ask that you stand with me.

In Liberty,


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