Craig Bowden Supports Ballot Initiative for Patients


Recently, the Lieutenant Governor’s Office approved the initiative for medical cannabis to begin the signature gathering process. I am happy this is able to move forward, and truly appreciate that advocacy groups have brought this forward. As a libertarian, I fully support decisions for health and medicine being between a doctor and patient. I have seen evidence that medical cannabis would help ease the suffering of many patients in Utah, and it should be their right to try this as an option without fear of fines or jail time for trying to get better.

In the coming weeks and months, my staff and I will be helping with the signature gathering process. I made a promise that I would be an advocate for liberty when I started this campaign, and I will keep that promise with action.

I want to thank groups like TRUCE Utah for pushing so hard to get measures like this done both in our state and our nation’s capital. This is a fight that will be won.

I would like to state that there is a way to volunteer, if you have not signed up yet. Just go to and a member from Utah Patients will be in touch. We will do this together to put patients first in Utah.


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