Campaign Update July 30th, 2017


We are well on our way in this campaign to making a huge difference already. In regards to funds raised, we have gone over the $3,000 mark. While this isn’t a lot in comparison to what the two major parties are able to raise, this is significant for a Libertarian campaign this early. When looking at my previous runs for office, I was hitting this same mark around the time of nomination at convention, but this campaign is still about ten months away from that time. This is huge as we are able to apply these funds to getting a professional campaign organized and ready to roll. If projections hold as they are, we should be in the tens of thousands raised by the end of the year.

We have been able to do some great outreach to voters as well, placing just under 1,000 calls in the month of July to let people know we are here to fight,we are serious, and we are not going anywhere. Each phone call made has raised awareness of our campaign.

We have also increased our email capacity, sending out over 5,000 emails in July to voters, donors, and volunteers to coordinate things for 2018.

This campaign is also being vetted for endorsement and a $5,000 contribution to continue fueling this fight.

Ultimately, we are still in the very beginning stages, but we are already making some splashes that will hopefully go noticed and get us some media. We have several opportunities coming up in August that will help grow our exposure as well. We have been scheduled to appear with the Libertarian Party of Weber County at their booth at the Ogden Pride Festival on August 5th and we have a major fundraiser dinner coming up the following weekend on August 12th.

We still need support from more donors to fuel this effort, so please be sure to reach out to your family and friends to assist in growing this from a movement to a revolution.

We are still looking for volunteers as well, so please sign up to help and we will find something that fits your abilities, location, and time requirements. I know that I cannot do this alone. Campaigning is a team effort.

As always, I look forward to seeing everyone out on the trail.

In Liberty,


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