Statement on Transgendered Individuals in the Military

27dc-military-superJumboEarlier today, President Donald Trump made a policy decision through his Twitter account to exclude Transgendered individuals from service in the United States Armed Forces. As a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, I personally believe that anyone who wishes to serve in this capacity that is mentally, emotionally, and physically able to perform the tasks our military demands should have the option to serve regardless of orientation or identity.

That being said, this news is overshadowing many issues the United States is currently facing. While we are distracted by poor policy announced via Twitter, we lose sight of the fact that our military is currently engaging in wars abroad. Wars that have been going on since I was in high school.

While we certainly should remember that anyone who wishes to aid in the defense of America should have the opportunity, we cannot forget that as a nation, we have not been operating in a manner that coincides with defense. Projecting our military abroad is a policy that has brought blow-back to our nation several times, and so long as we continue policies of intervention, those retaliations from foreign nations will continue.

So while he may have made a mistake in this policy, in a way, he is at least saving these individuals from having to swear an oath they will be asked to disobey.

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