Why I Am Libertarian


In light of recent party changes of a few higher profile, Libertarian Party candidates to the Republican Party, I wished to make a statement of why I choose to remain in the Libertarian Party and why I am not leaving.

It is true that if I were to switch my party affiliation I could possibly see greater success in running for office. The two major parties are well funded and have better networking. They have all the political power and use that power in efforts to keep challenges to the status quo at bay. So yes, it is easier to win if you are the nominee as a Democrat or Republican. That being said, there are many areas I cannot agree with from the Republican and Democrat parties, and their track record is all I need to avoid attaching an R or a D to my name.

You see, that affiliation requires you to lie to people if you truly are libertarian in belief otherwise you have to tow the party line or face primary opponents funded by the establishment leadership. Granted, there are some limited examples of individuals who didn’t tow the line, but at the end of the day, they were maligned, scorned, blocked from leadership positions, disallowed from being on committee assignments, and ultimately will all be pushed out in favor of someone who is going to play ball. If I am going to be maligned by elected officials, I might as well be maligned as a Libertarian and I vowed to be beyond reproach in my honesty in all aspects of life. In order to be true to my beliefs and true to myself, I must stay where my ideas are celebrated instead of berated.

There are only two parties that have started wars over the last century. Their colors are red and blue. As many of you now know as I have gotten to know many of you on the campaign trail in elections past, I am a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Having seen war first hand and the absolute horror that is involved, I cannot ever in good conscience align myself with either party that will drone bomb and airstrike nations that have done no harm nor pose a threat to national security. I cannot stand by as we put more boots on the ground in more nations around the globe. That is not national security; that is imperialism and must end. How can I take a stand against them when I join their chorus?

There are only two parties that have spent $20 trillion in debt. Their letters are D and R. Whenever a crisis arises, both parties make sure that the crisis is not wasted and call for more money be thrown at a problem instead of letting the various states figure out how to proceed with their issues. They have funded programs that benefit their friends, families, and donors but expect you to pick up the bill after they spend. They continue to inject themselves into every facet of our lives, far beyond the intent of the Constitution and our Founding Fathers. They pick the winners while the rest of us lose. How could I ever associate myself to enslaving my neighbors to more debt?

There are only two parties that have invaded our privacy and eroded our civil liberties. Their preferred name is Republican and Democrat. Together, they have begun stripping away at our very core of what it means to be free. They have taxed us beyond measure, they have written law that allows us to be detained without charge or trial, they have incarcerated us of pretended offenses where no victim is present, they have negated our privacy by collecting our phone calls and emails, they have betrayed every single person out there and continue to do so as we speak. I cannot in good conscience join the throng of people who find themselves elevated in status to where they believe they can do whatever they will toward this people.

These Democrats and Republicans have elevated themselves beyond that of a human. They have created their own political class that looks down upon us, sucking the fruits of our labor and telling us it is for our own good as our substance withers. When they break the law, they find a way to cover themselves so as to avoid prosecution, but would incarcerate any one of us for the same offense.

There is no path for me within the duopoly. I cannot stomach the thought of being welcomed by thieves, warmongers, murderers, and liars.

Will I win office in November 2018? I cannot tell the future. It depends on whether or not the people of Utah decide that they have had enough of what I have described and join with me to fight against the political elite. I will give it everything I have. I am running to win, but I will not cut corners to do so. I will be elected on principles of non aggression and self governance if I am to be elected at all.


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