Utah’s 3rd Congressional District Special Election

18739859_10154378608526396_5961057524463130001_nIt is with pleasure that I announce the candidate I feel will represent Utah’s 3rd Congressional District the best. As many of you know, Representative Jason Chaffetz has stepped aside, and as such, a special election is occurring to replace him this November.

One candidate has stood apart from the others in fiscal and social matters. Only one candidate has expressed the need for liberty in our daily lives. That candidate is Joe Buchman.

I first met Joe as a delegate in Orlando, Florida while attending the Libertarian National Convention in 2016. It was there I saw the passion from him in defending liberty for all people regardless of age, sex, religion, identity, or creed. He immediately began to set himself apart in our conversations of how we could work toward fixing an ailing nation.

Our relationship would continue to this present day, where he has stepped up to fill the shoes of the Party Chairperson in Utah. His absolute dedication toward freedom has set an example for others. I am honored to work with him in growing the party in Utah and fighting for lower taxes, balanced budgets, spending cuts, and preserving civil liberty.

I encourage the voters of 3rd District to vote for Joe Buchman in November. You can find more information on him at http://www.GoToL.vote.

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