Assault in the Bowden Home

On June 7th, 2017, around 2:40 p.m., my wife was physically assaulted by a guest in our home. While I cannot go into specifics of the incident, as it is an ongoing case with pending court action, I wanted you all to know that things are being handled professionally and as quickly as possible by law enforcement and judicial personnel.

The altercation began over my spouse asking the individual in question to leave, as they had begun to overstay their welcome in our home. Instead of doing what was asked, the individual instead chose to attack my wife while she held our infant son.

Both Elizabeth and Brigham are fine, neither sustaining any serious injury. We made sure to take him to the North Ogden IHC Instacare to ensure that there were no subsurface injury present.

We have started pursuing legal action against the individual and we are confident that with the case being built, this person will not be able to take actions like this again. It is a travesty that someone you were trying to help and show compassion for not only pushed boundaries of acceptable behavior as a guest, but also chose to assail a person holding an infant child.

I would like to also thank the professionalism displayed by North Ogden Police Department and the North Ogden IHC Instacare.

We are strong in our family and this will not keep us in fear, though the individual remains out there. We will continue to live our lives as freely as we did before.

We do ask that as the investigation, and court actions continue, that you do not ask either me or my wife about details in this. Once everything has come to light, we will be able to comment further.

Thank you.Banner

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  1. I am sorry that this happened to your family and I hope the case is quickly resolved and things made as right as they possibly can be. I wish nothing but the best for you and your faily.


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