Campaign Update April 15, 2017

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It has been a productive week for the campaign these last several days. There have been many organizational moves, orders have started being placed, and positions have been filled.

Today we held our first strategy meeting, going over goals and prior statistics in elections for Utah. We have set a solid road map to the 2018 campaign that is going to see the first Libertarian in a debate on the televised debates in Utah, and the highest vote totals seen. We are confident in the plan we laid out.

I was also able to get some professional photography sessions completed to start producing a better variety of campaign materials.

I am very happy to announce that Team Bowden has selected its Weber County Coordinator Katherine Johnston. Katherine brings solid volunteer experience from Gary Johnson’s campaign team in Utah during the 2016 Presidential Race. She is a bright, charismatic, young woman with a lot of talent. We are beyond excited to have her as part of the team.

We have also added Mike Brimely to coordinate in the St. George area. Mike has been a solid Libertarian volunteer in Southern Utah, also with experience from the Gary Johnson campaign. We are excited for the experience and enthusiasm he has brought to the campaign for this Senate run.

Finally, we welcome James Horger, who will be heading up our efforts at the University of Utah. I got to personally work with James in the 2016 race for the U.S. House. Even though he lived in Toole County, he was willing to show up to volunteer in 1st District to hand out flyers, greet the public, etc. He is one of the most dedicated volunteers I have worked with.

We are also very happy about the new materials we have ordered. Our first wave of signs, flyers, and business cards are on their way. We will continue to order more.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you will see out there on the trail:

We are looking forward to the many events that are on their way. We have been coordinating speaking events, meet and greets, town halls, rallies, and much more in the coming future.

I invite each of you to donate to the campaign to ensure we continue our momentum going forward. We are moving together for more liberty for Utah and all Americans.

See you out there!

Not Left. Not Right. Just Free.

Craig Bowden