Announcement for 2018

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Fellow citizens of Utah,

It is with great humility I come before you and announce that I will be seeking the Libertarian nomination for the office of United States Senate in 2018. After many long discussions with trusted friends and members of my family, we have determined that this is the office that needs a Libertarian voice to run next year. I am honored to have been considered so highly by the people around me who suggested I run for this office.

Senator Orrin Hatch has been in office since 1976 and to echo his statements from 41 years ago, it is time to call him home. His announcement of running for an 8th term should be concerning for all people worried about the fate of liberty in our nation. Through the coming months leading into the 2018 election, we will hear statements of how much power and influence he has as being a good thing for Utah. I, however, am here to tell you that I am not doing this for power or influence. I am doing this so that I can help shrink the power Washington, D.C. has and place that power back to its rightful place in your hands: the people.

Over the last several years, I have been asked to run in other capacities in both local and federal races. Each has been an honor, and when given the chance to serve by the voters of Weber County, made sure that I upheld my commitment to the principles set forth in the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution. I never voted in any capacity to increase spending, and only moved to decrease the burden of the taxpayer. I will continue to do so if elected your Senator.

I wish to reiterate a pledge that I made when I have run in the past, that I firmly commit to doing once again:

  1. I will not vote in favor of legislation that increases your tax burden.
  2. I will not vote in favor of legislation that limits your individual liberties.
  3. I will not participate in the Federal Retirement program, as I do not believe that your money should match my contributions to my retirement.
  4. I will only keep what is needed to take care of the needs of my family and travel from Utah to Washington, D.C. All salaries above that will be donated until such time as Congressional and Senate salaries are reduced.
  5.  I will be 100% transparent with every vote I cast in the Senate, with the reasoning for the vote cast.
  6. I will not spend my time in office meeting with lobbyists. It will be spent with constituents to address their concerns.
  7. I will not spend my time in office campaigning for future office. While there are time frames acceptable for campaigning when nearing Primaries and Election day, I will only take the time needed for events such as debates and only when the Senate is not in session to campaign. My record will serve as what I have done and I will be judged on the merits of the work I was elected to do, not based upon stump speeches given year round.
  8. I will have the highest levels of ethics in all that I do. As a former serving U.S. Marine, Honor, Courage, and Commitment are more than mere words; they are a way of life.
  9. You will be able to contact me as a voter. I pride myself on having quick turn around for answering questions and concerns, and yours will always be addressed as quickly as possible.
  10. Unlike career politicians, I will not be doing this for my lifetime. In terms of the Senate, you will not see me declaring intentions for an eighth term in office.

I look forward to the road ahead and meeting people throughout our beautiful state. I invite you to look into where I stand at and if you cannot find what you are looking for there, to please use the contact information to get a hold of me.

This will be a long road, and the climb is sure to be uphill. However, when we look back on what we will have accomplished together, we will be able to say we made a difference. We will be able to say it was worth it.

Respectfully Yours,

Craig R. Bowden