Craig Bowden is a Libertarian candidate for the United States Senate out of Utah.

Craig has dedicated his life to the preservation of liberty, both economic and social as a candidate, activist, and member of the Libertarian Party. His stance in politics is fairly simple: what power an individual does not possess, cannot be delegated to someone else to enforce and that the only legitimate use of force is that used in defense.

Once elected, Mr. Bowden has pledged to focus on a government that is accountable to the people of this country. As such, he has personally pledged that he will not participate in any perks Senators and Congressmen have been afforded; he will only keep enough money to take care of his family, donating the rest to charity; and he will let Utah constituents know not only how he voted on bills, but his reasoning for doing so.

Further, Craig has pledged that he will not spend his time campaigning for reelection. He will work every day for Utah, and aside from scheduled debates and certain events during election season, he will be in D.C. for votes and in his offices in Utah to meet with constituents to address their concerns.